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ShiVa 3D Engine

The ShiVa 3D Engine is the most versatile cross-platform engine ever, working either in the web browser or as an executable for Windows, Mac, Linux, Wii, iPhone and iPad, Android, WebOS and Airplay SDK.
The engine is extendible with ssl-securized plug-ins like the PhysX engine, Fmod sounds library, ARToolkit and the Scaleform HUD engine.

Classic Geometry

Polygonal mesh support, including:
- Static meshes
- Skinned meshes with up to 4 joints per vertex

Import Collada 3.x, 4.x and Autodesk DWF.
Up to 15,000,000 triangles per frame
Built-in level of detail generation
Coordinates and values as 32-bit floating point values



Terrain Geometry

Create vast, detailed environments.
Use geo-spatial information data (GeoTIFF, ASCII .xyz, NASA and IGN ).
Use realistic satellite ortho-photos for the textures.

The terrain editor uses a multi-layer approach and real-time paint editing for geometry, material and vegetation.

In addition, the roads manager allows you to draw paths to modify geometry, textures and vegetation.

Built-in Terrain Editor


Simple and advanced shader support :
- Gouraud, Phong and Toon Shadings
- Vertex or Pixel Shader
- Fresnel
- Outline
- Gloss, Normal, Noise Texture Maps
- Animated Textures
- Dynamic Textures
- Procedural Texture Mapping Coordinate Generation
- Shadows

Built-in material editor


Ocean Shader

Create an infinite sea in your scene.
The ocean function is and easy-to-use feature for designing all sea and coastal scenes.

It is script-able and dynamic, with ultra-realistic, automatic and customizable wave height, colour, reflection, refraction, texture, foam and fog.

Built-in Ocean Editor

Lights and shadows

Per vertex/Per Pixel Shading
Directional and Omni-Directional Dynamic Shadows
Multiple Shadows
Cascaded Shadow Maps with PCF
Up to 32 Lights Per Surface.
Import Light Maps / Vertex Lighting
Skinned Objects Casting Dynamic Shadows
Dynamic Shadows Handling Alpha Textures

Built-in lightmap compiler with light attenuation functions and AO


Particles and Trail system

Dynamic particle system and motion trail support

Explosions, splashes
Fire, rain, snow, underwater air bubbles, etc.
Tire tracks on the road, in the sand, in the snow
Localized retinal persistence (car fires at night, sword trails, etc.).

Built-in particle and polyTrail editor

3D Special effects

Dynamically-Generated Reflection and Refraction Textures
Fog Attenuation
Water Effects
Heat Haze
Classic and Height Fog
Anisotropic Filtering


2D Post-Render Effects

Dynamic cumulative post-render effects, including :
- Light Bloom
- Monochrome, Color Levels, Saturation and Contrast
- Motion Blur, Distortion, Depth of Field.

Built-in Ambience Editor


Allow developers to extend engine capabilities by including add-on like procedural textures, augmented reality, HTML rendering, 3d spacialized sounds, dynamic clothing and to create your own dll.

SSL Security
All the distributed plug-ins must be signed using the well-known VeriSign system, to ensure security on the internet.

Script Editor Integration
A dedicated plug-in related API will be available in the Script Editor with auto-completion, code coloration and help.

Plug-in availability
A store will be soon available to buy and sell plug-ins for ShiVa.



Hierarchical animation support :
- Characters, creatures
- Unlimited number of joints / 4 bone influences per vertex

Motion blending
- Perform smooth transitions between animations
- Up to 8 simultaneous animation channels per object / Multiple playback

Total control via script
- Mix your animations in real time / Skeleton synchronization
- Get/Set the position of every joint in the world space

Automatic path-finding
- create autonomous moving objects with ease
- find the shortest route between two points while avoiding obstacles.

2D Graphics

ShiVa includes a user interface component management system.

HUD components
- Common components : label, button, editbox, listbox, checkbox...
- Special components : video input, webcam capture
- Create your own controls.

- Create fade-in fade-out effects for components
- Create dynamic, intelligent and autonomous interfaces.

Built-in HUD Editor

ODE Physics Engine


Make your 3D real-time web application fully compliant with your database and server technology, using the XML protocol with SOAP.

The engine now includes an embedded ShiVa Server, making it possible to create multi-user applications without the need for an external server.

You can create for all client technologies durable data, as well as secure contents.

You can also download 3D resources, sounds, images and videos from the Internet and turn your application into a genuine media interface.

ODE Physics Engine

Polygonal collision meshes
- Static or moving meshes
- Robust and optimized ray-casting
- Unlimited size and number of faces

Realistic and robust rigid body simulation
- Management of physical parameters (form, mass, friction, bounce, etc.)
- Management of linear and angular forces, fields and impulses
- Management of collisions.

Connection system between several rigid bodies
- Simple joints (universal, spring, hinge, slider, etc.),
- Complex joints (car axle, etc.),
- Motor joints.

Compound Dynamic Body
Create complexe physics object compound of multiple spheres, boxes and capsules.

Built-in attributes editor for dynamics
ODE Physics engine



Punctual sounds
2D/3D Sound
5.1 Surround Sound with real-time, script-based control of gain or pitch.
3D sound positioning, spacialization and collision

Ambient music
Streaming of large music files
- Volume control
- Automatic cross-fade between music.