ShiVa “end of the year” roadmap

December 12, 2011
This month marks the 8 year anniversary of ShiVa and ShiVa Editor 1.9.1 is almost ready and there are changes coming with it !

ShiVa 1.9.1

New FREE version : ShiVa Web Edition for internet publishing

Personal Learning Edition (PLE) becomes ShiVa Web Edition.

ShiVa Web Edition includes all the engine features, is free and is without watermark.

The ShiVa Web Edition is a ShiVa unlimited version for publishing 3D on your web site. Use ShiVa Web Editor for your full online games, mobile/console game previews, facebook 3D applications, etc.

The ShiVa web player is very easy to integrate : by copying the script created with the Stonetrip WebPlayer Generator into your html content, you put your games online like you embed Youtube videos in web pages.

Web Browser publishing demonstration with “The Hunt”

The Hunt is a demo game made by the stonetrip team to present the capabilities of the ShiVa engine in terms of rendering, features and performance. The Hunt source code is included in the Editor installer and there’s a full making of tutorial available.

The ShiVa player can be easily inserted in html pages with jQuery. For example with this LightBox Effect (made with Fancybox 2) or with this :


Licence for 1.9.1 = Licence for 2.0

Each 1.9.1 licence includes a free upgrade to 2.0 (and 2.0 will be, of course, retro-compatible).

ShiVa Basic Edition : Publish everywhere

We are the most cross-platform engine in the world, and once it’s ready within ShiVa, it’s ready for everywhere ! ShiVa Basic Edition will let you publish to all the Unified Authoring Tool’s available platforms :

  • Windows, Mac, Linux applications
  • Wii (other gaming console to come soon)
  • Mobiles
    • iOS (iPhone / iPad)
    • Androïd
    • BlackBerry QNX
    • HP WebOS
    • Bada
    • Symbian
    • Marmalade
Remember that with ShiVa you don’t pay by device, you pay once and then profit from all the UAT upgrades (see : UAT 1.2 is available).  For example we will release the next UAT version (1.3) just after ShiVa Editor 1.9.1, so you will be able to publish to BlackBery PlayBook before the end of this year.

About ShiVa 1.9.1 Basic Edition

As you know, we are also working actively on ShiVa 2.0, so UI related tweaks or improvements were not our main concern for 1.9.1. Instead, we focused on engine stability and performance, and provided new options that can help save lot of CPU cycles.

NicoX  - ShiVa 3D lead developer – in the forum -

All details of performances and stability improvements will be described in the 1.9.1 official release notes.

Highlight : AI Debugger module

In Editor v1.9.1 there will have a new ‘debugged’ way to run a game so you will be able to step in the LUA script execution : If you want more information you can look at the new AI Debugger’s documentation page already available at

ShiVa Advanced Edition : Team development tools

There are 2 new tools in 1.9.1 Advanced usefull for the team collaboration work :

  1. Source versionning (with Apache subversion).
  2. Asset merge tools
New feature : Source Version Control (SVN)

SVN, an abbreviation for SubVersioN, is a free software versionning and version control software used widely by the open source community. The software keeps track of all work and all changes in a set of files, and allows several team members (potentially separated in space and/or time) to collaborate.

With the ShiVa’s Data Explorer you can now visually check the synchronization state of your current project :

Project files : your local files DataBase files : constitue the current team version
  • Locally updated
  • Locally modified, but meanwhile, has been modified in the repository by other users
  • Locally new (not present in the repository yet)
  • The file has been locally modified, but meanwhile, has been modified in the repository by other users in the meantime
  • The file has changed in the repository.
  • The file has been added to the repository.
New feature : ShiVa Asset Merger

This tool allows merging of different versions of a same ShiVa entity by allowing you to visually choose witch attributes to use.

Example :

2 AI model, with and without the TakeScreenshot state (click to zoom)

Asset store beta

We are also launching a new beta program for the Asset Store. This new platform will be dedicated to the exchange of resources by the ShiVa’s user community. You will be able to exchange/buy/sell :

  • 3D models
  • AI
  • Games
  • Source codes
  • …Everything usefull to ShiVa’s users.

Christmas promotions

…are coming in the next post

Stay tuned in by following us on twitter and facebook, it’s the most easiest way to get our latest news !

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  1. OMG!!
    that’s what i’ve been waiting for!
    Thanks guys for these great news
    1.9.1 = 2.0 license!!!

    now i’m waiting for the xMas deals ;)

    keep up the good work

    1. 1.9.1 = 2.0 license???

      So, I’ve bought in March an Advanced License (1.9) and now I can download the version (1.9.1) from my Stonetrip’s purchases page. So, automatically I have a 1.9.1 license, is that right? So, 1.9.1 = 2.0 license???

  2. ow wow.. great news! The asset merger looks like something my team needs for a long time now! We’re using mercurial as our versioning tool and dealing with binary files (.aim especially) is really a pain in the a** right now :D .

    Looking forward for the official release!

  3. When planing release 2.0

  4. What does this mean for those of us who purchased 1.9.0 earlier this summer? I realise I have taken 1.9.1 for granted only using this as beta as opposed to 1.9.0, but that technically we’re all on 1.9.0 licenses.

    I’m assuming the free 2.0 upgrade is only for NEW 1.9.1 licenses? What about upgrades?

  5. Woaaah. I wasn’t expecting 2.0 for Basic users :) I hope that people that bought 1.9.0 are counted for free 2.0 update too.

  6. Nice news! Loved the debugger and asset merger features. It would be great to see the community getting larger and more active.

    PS: Its platform, not plateform XD.

  7. Oh wow, thanks so much Stonetrip. Can’t wait!

  8. happy to see web new !

  9. Great ! especially the AI debugger ! good job.

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