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Welcome to ShiVa Developer

Welcome to ShiVa Developer, the primary resource and tutorial website dedicated to all your ShiVa needs. We want you to find everything you require within a few mouse clicks. This starting page will quickly get you where you want to be.

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Discover even more tutorials and documentation

ShiVa Developer is filled with tutorials written by the Creators of ShiVa as well as the Community. Exploit ShiVa’s full potential by learning new functions from the API Reference, discovering new tutorials on specific topics in the Community WIKI, or by sifting through the Official Tutorials blog.

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Become Part of the Community

ShiVa Developer is a Community. Discuss your current projects with other developers, ask them for solutions to your problems, or just chat with them to get inspired!

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Publish your Creation

Push your games and applications to one of our supported target platforms – or all at once! Learn how to use the ShiVa Authoring Tool to transform your STK into a native application.

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Latest Tutorials from ShiVa Developer

The following links are only a tiny selection of available tutorials. Please click on the Tutorial Button in the Page Navigation to reveal them all! New tutorials are added regularly to this page as well as the WIKI.

ShiVa 2.0 Preview: HTML5 Exporter
6th May, 2014in Blog, Export, Tutorials

In our last post, you have seen how well ShiVa games work in HTML5/WebGL-enabled web browsers. This week, we are going to show you how easy it is to export your game to this brand new target with the integrated Authoring Tool in the upcoming ShiVa 2.0 editor.

ShiVa Server: Linux Setup
10th February, 2014in Network, Tutorials

Learn how to set up and control a ShiVa Linux server to make your multiplayer dreams come true!

An Intro to ShiVa SVN
25th January, 2014in Tutorials

ShiVa Advanced allows you to share and back up your projects using SVN. In this tutorial, we will show you the basics of how to set up SVN, connect to your repository from ShiVa and manage your assets.

Material Workshop III: Glass
17th September, 2013in Rendering, Tutorials

Part III of the Material Workshop tutorial series focuses on glass and transparent surfaces. We will be covering several methods of creating glass and eventually dive into the fascinating world of rendermap effects, dynamic textures and DU/DV noise maps.