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Elegant Level Changing
21st August, 2012 in Basics, Scripting, Tutorials

Changing a level scene is just one line away with application.setCurrentUserScene. But can you do it the elegant way?

Masking Bits and Categories
24th April, 2012 in Basics, Tutorials

Masking bits and categories were introduced in ShiVa 1.9.1, but very few developers know how to use them effectively. This tutorial video shows you the basics to get you started.

Get an Xml without using states
16th March, 2011 in Basics, Scripting

Here is a very easy to use sample of script to get an xml. Instead of using states, I recommend using handlers…

Single/Double tap management
14th March, 2011 in Basics, Scripting

This tutorial explains how to manage a single/double (or more) tap on a the screen of a mobile device.
Note this tutorial can be applied to a single/double click with the mouse of your computer.

Create materials in no time
16th January, 2010 in Basics

Here is a quick overview of the Material and Ambiance Editor, you will see how to configure lighting, diffuse, normal map add shadows.

First application
12th January, 2010 in Basics, Scripting

Never created a game with ShiVa ? This tutorial is for you. Follow step by step the way to create a game easily.

Animation vulgarization
11th January, 2010 in Basics

ShiVa animation vulgarization and import example from 3dsMax.
Create animations collection and bring your character alive. Edit animations directly inside ShiVa, optimize your scene.

Model management
12th October, 2009 in Basics

Explore all the possibilities given by the editor to manage models in a scene, creation, exchange, unbind, update…

FPS Display – Complete solution
16th April, 2009 in Basics

Display the FPS ( Frame per Second) values in a separate HUD.
Use this script freely to check your exported application’s performance.
Author : Makkar

Quick Start Guide
27th February, 2009 in Basics

This is the place to start reading. It explains the basics and give you useful links dedicated to beginner.

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