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Blender collada animation import

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Blender collada animation import

Postby law » 13 Jul 2007, 08:08

I created a small scene with a simple rotation animation in blender and exported to collada. I then imported the scene as a model and the mesh is fine but no animation was imported.

I then imported the same file as an anim clip and added it to an anim bank. The clip is shown as having frames 2-74 but my animation runs from frame 1-25. I added an animation property to the model and assigned the anim bank. When I click play the animation has no effect on my model.

Are simple transform animations supported or are anim clips only meant for skeletal animation?

I've seen that the engine can load maya .anim files so I looked for the .anim format specification. I found a very old one - version 1.1 and created a simple rotation animation based on it and got an anim clip with frame 0-0, what version of the anim format are you using and could you provide me with its specifications?
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Re:Blender collada animation import

Postby Dje » 13 Jul 2007, 10:04

First of all, models and animations , even if they are exported in the same file, are two different resources so it's normal to have to import the file twice.

For the frame keys, the import method resamples the animations to 60 frames per second. It's a lossless method.
AnimClips are only meant for skeletal animation. Simple transformations (tsr) have to be scripted. See the Object API reference
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object.setTranslation ( hObject, nTx, nTy, nTz, kSpace )

Finally, for .anim files, it's like .dae file, importer only supports skeletal animations.

the Simple transformations feature will come for the 1.6 shiva release, in october.
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