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Clothing  [SOLVED]

All about the StoneScript


Postby siml » 27 May 2012, 08:29

hi everyone.
how can i create Cloth with dynamic behavior?
tnx in advance
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Re: Clothing  [SOLVED]

Postby broozar » 27 May 2012, 09:56

clothing simulation is not yet a part of shiva's physics engine. it is scheduled for the 2.0 release.

in the meantime, it is possible to animate clothes using bones, but there is nothing easy in terms of getting a true dynamics behaviour out of it.
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Re: Clothing

Postby marek.p » 27 May 2012, 11:15

So does Stonetrip plan to use another physics engine, maybe Physix?
And if not does Stonetrip plan to make integrating other physics engines easier?
I am seriusly considering integrating Physix SDK in may Shiva native C++ setup but I find that shiva c++ library rather needs more special functions to efficiently transfer geometry data to and from external physics engine.
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