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iphone Provisioning Profile

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iphone Provisioning Profile

Postby Oberon3d » 03 Jul 2009, 17:37


I am not quite sure how this works as I am currently not a MAC user.

I have already signed in with Apple for the iPhone Developer Program...What do you have to do next to use the iPhone Authoring tool..?

I am going to use a friend's Mac to export the App...

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Re:iphone Provisioning Profile

Postby NiCoX » 03 Jul 2009, 20:00


The process is not trivial, but all is explained in the Apple's doc. Here are the main steps :

1. Create an App ID
2. Register your device
3. Create at least one provisioning profile : development or adhoc (don't forget to bind it to your device UUID)
4. Download it
5. Go to your friend's home with 2 files : the MyIdentity.cer and the MyProfile.mobileprovision
6. Install XCode
7. Install the 2 files (by double clicking on them)
8. Download and launch our AuthoringTool
9. Follow the steps of our PDF

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Re: iphone Provisioning Profile

Postby karmacomposer » 22 May 2010, 02:07

Register Device - what device? My Mac? My iphone?

Privisioning Profile - do they walk you through this? What the heck does it mean, anyway?

Should I sign up and pay the $99 now, or should I wait to create a nearly finished product before testing?

My first real product is going to be an iphone app, so this is a very relevant questions for me.

I am 99.999% PC based, so Mac stuff is truly foreign to me - even though I recently purchased a Mac Mini for this exact purpose (and to run Metasynth 5).

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Re: iphone Provisioning Profile

Postby fasasoftware » 15 Dec 2011, 17:33

Dear sirs,
Deploy to iphone, ipad, ipod is very complicated!!why the other deploy is so easy??? Is there a way to deploy without having a fisic iphone device?? Can you solve this? why should i agree before testing to apple developer??or better why do i have to buy the 99$ account and have an iphone before i'm testing with a friend of mine device?
I look forward to your early reply, best regards,
Saverio :(
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Re: iphone Provisioning Profile

Postby dbladez » 16 Dec 2011, 01:00

Deploy to iphone, ipad, ipod is very complicated!!why the other deploy is so easy???

Yes, your first release on iPhone will be a nightmare, esp if its your first time using a MAC, as you will want to throw it across the room every 5 minutes.

From deploying on android and it being a walk in the park, to trying to setup provisioning profiles, certificates and other crazy crap with Apple, it'll drive you nuts your first time.
Although I think they have a wizard now, where you just type in your info, hit next, type in info, hit next, etc etc. There is 100's of videos and tutorials online on how to do from A to B. After setting that up, then you actually gotta make your Xcode project itself with the UAT. However Gamescorpion was kind to make this tutorial here.


Which was a life saver for me as I wouldn't have had a clue where to begin without it.
Also I learnt a few weeks ago, that once your project is completely setup. Updating to new versions is very easy, if using the same UAT. You can directly export your game from shiva as S3DMain, then just take that file, replace the S3DMain file in the resources folder of your game project in XCode, clean the project, build. And your done if you don't have other changes to make, unless its a new UAT, then you would need to update the shiva files.

Is there a way to deploy without having a fisic iphone device??

You don't "need' an actual physical phone, the Xcode includes emulators for both iPhone and iPad, which seem to run much better then android emulators. Gives my game about 10fps or so, which is enough for testing. Where the android emulators gives my game about .01 fps. Although having a device does make testing a bit easier. I ended up getting an iPhone 3GS for $200 on ebay and it works fine for testing. Even came with a Montreal Canadiens Hockey skin, which of course is the greatest hockey team. Bit off topic.

why do i have to buy the 99$ account

$99 each year mind you. Apple likes money, they are a for profit company and they don't let anyone forget it. I remember reading an article about one of their factories in some country I can't spell that I never heard of that the workers were becoming deathly sick because they were forced to use a new chemical to clean the screens 12 seconds faster per screen then traditional rubbing alcohol. Apples solution, Install a few more fans, problem solved.

Time is money, money is power and apple likes both, I think they have a team of people going over everything each day thinking "How can we make this more complicated?"

Hope that answers some of your questions.

Its a huge pain to get going, but once its up and running its actually very simple to maintain if you have the right bag of magic tricks.
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Re: iphone Provisioning Profile

Postby fasasoftware » 16 Dec 2011, 15:22

Dear dbladez,

i thank you thery much in advance for your early and descriptive answer, i will look in all details your answer as soon as possible and i'll try to understand everything you explain...thank a lot again...
Mary Christmas,
Saverio, Lestroso :D
The admin of fasasoftware... :D

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