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Music Guitar Instrument - By Game Scorpion Inc.

Final work

Music Guitar Instrument - By Game Scorpion Inc.

Postby gamescorpion » 20 Apr 2012, 08:10

Our 15th app part of the lineup of Music Apps we have been working on.



Want to be a star? THEN GET THIS GUITAR!

Be the talk of the town strumming on your device like a pro!

Real guitars can cost $100 or more, but for a small fee you can own your own digital guitar right on your very own device!

Rock to your favorite tunes!
Be the life of any party!
Serenade a lover!
Show those who doubt what you're made of!

Every star needs a guitar! Why not get yours today?

We will not be held liable for crazy screaming fans chasing you down wanting to get your autograph! We also are not responsible for any wild romantic getaways that may come out of you serenading your lover. We are also not liable for any extra tag along friends or ARM CANDY that decides to join you due to you touring the world from getting all the attention. Arm candy could give us cavities and we'd have to go to the dentist so too bad for us :(

- 7 Major chords
- Realistic guitar sound
- Easy to play (Simply strum back and forth or if you wish you may pluck individual strings)
- Unique easy to use interface (Hold it like a guitar in your hand with the chord buttons below)
- Fun and entertaining for use in various occasions such as:
-Camping for camp songs
-Sing a longs
-Learning how to play songs (Very basic purposes only)
-Forming your own band


Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamescorpion.musicguitarinstrument
Game Scorpion Inc. http://www.gamescorpion.com
Armies of Riddle Collectible Card Game: http://www.ArmiesOfRiddle.com
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