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Dynamic lighting performance problem.

Windows DX9/OpenGL 2 Standalone Apps

Dynamic lighting performance problem.

Postby michax » 21 Nov 2011, 05:11

I've got sluggish performance in Shiva when using Dynamic Lighting (vertex or pixel).
For a test purpose i've put together scene with wall created from 10 000 box models and one directional light.

Details about base model:
- material: solid color, no textures, no shadows, per vertex lighting
- attribute: collider (i don't see diference without it)
- no dynamics
- no Z Shell for transparency

I've tested 3 multi platform engines within indie budget range. Results below:

- Shiva 1.9.1_beta2, exported C++.
FPS: 17 (Vertex or Pixel lighting)
FPS: 40 (Disabled lighting)

- Unity 3.4.2 Free
FPS: 60 (Vertex Lit)Good Quality
FPS: 90 (Vertex Lit)Fastest
FPS: 55 (Deffered)Good Quality,Fastest

- Esenthel
FPS: 144 Deffered rendering
FPS: 150 Forward rendering

Hardware used for testing
CPU: i7 Extreme, HT, 4 cores, 8 cores visible in system.
GPU: GTX 260, drivers 285.62 default settings, no overrides.
OS: Windows 7 x64
RAM: 6gb

I don't know if it's hardware specific case, but on my pc performance with shiva and
lit objects is very bad. I've included all executables used for testing and also Shiva project.
Shiva test have simple GUI. To generate boxes put 10000 in input box, click generate and then click Toogle to show boxes.

There is huge posibility that i messed something in code, if so i would appreciate suggestion to fix performance problem.
If everything is ok with test app configuration, is there an plan to improve performance for PC with shiva ? Not only lit objects
perform badly. Same issue occurs without dynamic lighting, but performance in that case is acceptable.

Test executables:
Shiva project:

Thanks for help.
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