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PVRTexTool - multi-core capabilities

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PVRTexTool - multi-core capabilities

Postby dtr1au » 24 Dec 2011, 05:49


Something that always has bugged me was that PVRTexTool only supported a single core. I've been exporting some samples to test my iphone 4s, and thought to myself I wonder if anything has changed.

Went to the "http://www.imgtec.com/powervr/insider/powervr-pvrtextool.asp" site, registered and downloaded the latest PVRTexTool package. Copied it over to my shiva tools folder and to my surprise it now used all x4 of my cores.. WOOT!!!

Some initial results, on the old single-threaded version a texture was taking 18 seconds, with the new mulch-threaded version it now takes 7.3 seconds.

I am still testing (my first export with the new version has not finished yet), and cannot confirm results in "quality" or stability, so anyone who does this do so at your own risk, i was just really excited and could not wait to post this. :D

If you want this updated version now (without having to wait for a new version of shiva to include it), the steps are:

1. Register and download PVRTexTool from: "http://www.imgtec.com/powervr/insider/powervr-pvrtextool.asp" (Make sure to get either x32 or x64 version for your system)

2. Just replace the file in your shiva install tools folder eg: D:StonetripShiVa Editor BasicTools. (NOTE: Strongly suggest you backup the existing .exe so you can revert if things don't turn out. (AND backup your projects also just incase)...

Hope this new version works just fine, maybe Stonetrip to include the new version in their next release, if it works ok (im using 1.9.1 beta2, and it's not the new version yet)
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