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Blender to ShiVa

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Static Models

Static (boneless, unanimated) models can be transferred from blender using either DAE or one of the more popular still mesh formats like obj or 3ds, transforming them into DAE by using the autodesk converter or a similar tool. Info on this process can be found here, Autodesk FBX converter to ShiVa

Blender 2.6+ Workflow

This tutorial covers how to export a static model from Blender with all lighting baked into the diffuse map, which is ideal for mobile devices.


Do not forget to assign a UV map to your model/material.


If you are working with more than 1 layers in blender, select the object you want to export and include only this UV layer:


When importing into ShiVa, swap Z and Y axis:


Edit the material inside ShiVa to give your models the final look, and there you have it!


Credits and Further Reading

created by ThunderZ

Animated Models

Parenting to a Root Bone


Both the armature and the model need to be located at (0, 0, 0) and the scale needs to be (1, 1, 1). The key point that I've been missing is the bone that is between the feet in the attached picture of the robot. Any bones that don't have a parent (in this situation, the spine and hip bones) need to parented to this "root" bone, which must also be positioned at (0, 0, 0). Doing this seems to force the parent-less bones to stay in place when the file is imported.




It is very important that the model and armature need to be exactly in same pose at the start.

Take 60 fps as an animation speed guideline, as it is shiva's default setting. If your blender animation speed is different, your model will require additional coding to make it look right.


ThunderZ and neilb. read up on the original thread here.

2.5x notes

You will have to apply size/rotation to mesh/armature to achieve this. But rotating armature could lead to animation deformation; so it is better, if you need differend orientation of a model, to apply rotation in ShiVa dae importer.

Here is a little screenshot to make your life easier:


credits: Nennad, http://www.shivaengine.com/developer/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=20876&start=15

Using XSI Modtool

note that this tutorial (that is, the modtool itself) is outdated and only linked here in case someone stumbles over an ancient computer with this software still installed.

Blender to ShiVa - Using XSI ModTool

Sculptris to Blender to Shiva

user "manou" wrote this tutorial for sculptris and blender 2.53, covering everything from mesh creation to rigging to export. be sure to check it out.

From Sculptris to Blender to ShiVa

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