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Offscreen Rendering

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Offscreen rendering will let you chain post render effects in an optimized way, especially on mobile devices, avoiding framebuffer copies. This will also let you render the scenes at lower (or higher) resolution than the screen one. HUDs are not affected by this option.

Offscreen rendering was introduced in ShiVa 1.9.2 beta 1, which therefore is the minimum requirement if you want to work with the STE and build for your desired platform.


OR disabled


1/4 resolution


1/16 resolution


Project Files


Reuse HUD in custom projects

It's also very easy to test these post rendering effects and offscreen rendering (and the possible performance loss or gain) in your own project and any scene. Just follow these steps:

Test Results

Galaxy Tab 8.9, Android 4.0.4

Some effects seem to be usable on my device (running the test scene @ 60 fps) thanks to OR, those are marked green. Red shows fps drops when using OR.

Bloom, OR disabled --> 29 fps
Bloom, OR native --> 29 fps
Bloom, OR 1/4 --> 60 fps

Gamma, OR disabled --> 21 fps
Gamma, OR native --> 21 fps
Gamma, OR 1/4 --> 25 fps

Contrast, OR disabled --> 48 fps
Contrast, OR native --> 48 fps
Contrast, OR 1/4 --> 60 fps

Monochrome, OR disabled --> 42 fps
Monochrome, OR native --> 42 fps
Monochrome, OR 1/4 --> 60 fps

Motion Blur, OR disabled --> doesn't work (artefacts)
Motion Blur, OR native --> 34 fps
Motion Blur, OR 1/4 --> 60 fps

Color Saturation/Color Level, OR disabled --> 57 fps
Color Saturation/Color Level, OR native --> 42 fps
Color Saturation/Color Level, OR 1/4 --> 60 fps


OUYA at 1080p. Export options using GLES 2, 32-bit color buffer and stencil buffer.


Credits and Further Reading

Created by Shaderman
Link to the original forum thread

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