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BlackBerry Playbook Specifications

OS BlackBerry Tablet OS
Screen Resolution 1024x600 and 16M colors
Screen Physical Size 7 inches
Screen Type TFT Capacitive Touch
Memory 1GB Ram
Storage Memory 16GB/32GB/64GB
Wireless Connections Wifi, Bluetooth
Camera Yes, CAM 1 (5 MP, 2592x1944 pixels, autofocus), CAM 2 ( Yes, 3 MP, 1080p@30fps ), can take video and photos
Graphics Processor PowerVR SGX540
CPU Processor Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9
Sensors Accelerometer, gyro
GPS Yes, built in

Operating Systems

BlackBerry OS 3-7

Operating Systems for BlackBerry Smartphones of the 8000 series, OS versions 3-5 are obsolete, 6 is discontinued, 7.x is the current generation.

OS 7.x runs on the 9000 series Phones (BlackBerry Bold 9790/9900/9930, BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360/9370/9380, and BlackBerry Torch 9810/9850/9860.)

BlackBerry OS 10

This OS number marks an upcoming release. Supported Devices are BlackBerry London, BlackBerry Milan, and BlackBerry PlayBook.

BlackBerry OS 10 will be based on QNX and supports apps written in C/C++ as well as HTML5 based applications. Apps created using BlackBerry WebWorks and HTML5 for BlackBerry OS as well as apps created with the Native SDK for BlackBerry PlayBook OS are compatible with the Blackberry 10 platform.

BlackBerry Tablet OS 1

This OS is QNX-based, supports multitasking, FLASH 11, AIR 3. The current release is 1.0.8.

BlackBerry Tablet OS 2

This new version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS is rumored to come out in February of 2012. It will support FLASH 11, AIR 3 and WebGL out of the box. PlayBook OS also includes BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps. It allows to run the Android applications, repackaged using presented tools and published via BlackBerry App World.

Exact details can be found at http://blogs.blackberry.com/2011/10/blackberry-playbook-2-update/.

"The software update will add advanced integrated email, calendar and contact apps, a new video store, as well as new functionality that will allow your BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook to work together even better."

Blackberry and the ShiVa Authoring Tool

Blackberry for Developers

Main Developer FAQ

The main FAQ can be found at http://us.blackberry.com/developers/appworld/faq.jsp

How to add a link in your app to Blackberry App World

The hyperlink must direct users to your application page on BlackBerry App World. All URLs must be in the following format:

http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/XXXX (XXXX = your application ID).

You can find the URL for your application by browsing to your application page on the web store and copying the URL in the browser address bar.

Blackberry Debug Token Expiry

NOTE: This tutorial is just dealing with the renewal of the debug key.



NOTE: IF THE NEXT STEP FAILS, YOU SIMPLY NEED TO RESTART YOUR PLAYBOOK! Don't worry it will tell you if this is the case.


blackberry-deploy -installDebugToken <path to debug token> -device <IP address of tablet> -password <tablet password>

NOTE: The path to the debug token is by default C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Research In Motion\debugtoken1.bar HOWEVER in dos you have to write out items that are more than 8 characters long with the first SIX characters and then ~1 afterwards as follows:

C: \ Users \ YOURNA~1 \ AppData \ Local \ Resear~1 \ debugtoken1.bar

3. hit return and it should install the token on your device.

Credits and Further Reading

created by forum user gamescorpion
Link to the original forum thread


For an In-App-Purchase implementation ( paymentservice_purchase_request() ) on BlackBerry, you will need to get the window group ID. You can retrieve it via C++:

char       aTheWindowGroup [128] ;
snprintf ( aTheWindowGroup, sizeof(aTheWindowGroup), "S3DWindowGroup%d", getpid ( ) ) ;

You can also copy&paste this code snippet:

* Use the PID to get the window group id.
static char* get_window_group_id()
   static char s_window_group_id[sizeof("S3DWindowGroup") + sizeof(double)] = "";
   if (s_window_group_id[0] == '') {
      snprintf(s_window_group_id, sizeof(s_window_group_id), "S3DWindowGroup%d", getpid());
   return s_window_group_id;

Step by Step Tutorial: From ShiVa to Blackberry

Click here to view GameScorpion's StepByStep tutorial

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