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Release Info

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When will version x.y be released?

if you have either an UNLIMITED or ADVANCED license, check out the the ShiVa Engine BETA program -> go to the beta page. The next version might be available for test driving right now.

If you are using the free PLE version of ShiVa, you have to be patient and wait until Shiva Technologies SAS decides it is fit for duty and all apparent bugs have been fixed.

There never was and will never be an exact pinpoint date for ShiVa releases. Don't ask for specific dates on the forum. We can only give you a rough guideline like 'in fall of this year' or similar.

It depends on so many things, including the activity on the Beta page. Asking this over and over again on the forum will not make things happen quicker.

Upcoming Releases

ShiVa 2.0


Read about the 2012/13 roadmap, look at the first ShiVa 2.0 screenshots, and look at the new features!

Link to the ShiVa 2012/13 road map blog post

NiCoX on 15 Mar 2012 22:15:

+ About the Editor:

So, for now months, if not years, a part of our team is working exclusively on the upcoming version of (y)our tool. ShiVa 1.X has been made years after years, and became hard to maintain and to make evolve. For ShiVa 2.0, we decided to rewrite everything from scratch, which was a big (crazy?) challenge. But we did it and most of the hard work is now behind us. But indeed, that also means all is not finished, and yes, we are late. We are late but we don't want to release something unfinished, and we are convinced it worth the wait. About an expected date, I don't have one, unfortunately. About what this new editor will bring, here is a short list:

+ About the Engine:

Something important to understand is that the engine evolving constantly, there won't be a "2.0 engine". The new editor will just open some previously closed doors. Ok, but what doors does it will open? ShiVa 2.0 will be mainly an editor update, but here is a list of things that are on our roadmap, that may (or may not) be included in the ShiVa 2.0 initial release:

+ About the UAT:

Again, like the engine, this tool has its own roadmap, each major release adding new target platforms. Here are some details about the upcoming ones:

To be honest, I wanted to tell more about all of that, but it would take more time, and because of the light pressure some of you are putting (and I understand, no problems really), I finally decided to post my draft as-is, and I propose you to ask if you have any questions or need some details, I'll try to answer them. I think it's the best compromise.

ShiVa 2.0 will be backward compatible with 1.9.x, both projects and exported applications. So nothing prevents you to start a project right now, and migrate later to 2.0, or even working with both until your current project is finished (for commercial products, never a good idea to change the tool during the production).

We are aware that some people like to be driven, and some others prefer to organize freely the source files. Also, WIP projects will have to work with 2.0. So we'll keep the current API, the new one being just "an alternative framework". You'll be able to choose between the 2 frameworks, each one having its advantages/disadvantages (eg. it won't be possible to convert full Lua sources to C++ code).

We won't provide a dedicated 2D editor module in ShiVa 2.0, but with the editor scripts and custom modules it will be super easy to create one. For info, engine wise all is already there to make an efficient 2D game framework. Only tools (editor module) and a "runtime API" (script or plug-in) are missing.

Anyways, and again, we are really putting many efforts - both time and money - in providing you all, and for the best price, the technology that will fit with most of your needs. Please don't doubt in our involvement in *your* success: we don't have millions, we are not an army, but we don't loose money and we'll continue to make ShiVa (both editor and engine) evolve, simplifying your workflow, opening doors to new market places, and providing new features. We care about you all, sincerely.

Release History

This is only a quick look at the new features of every version so far. for an extensive list of all features, bugfixes etc, please visit the Release Notes Page on shivaengine.com.

ShiVa 1.9

November 2, 2010

ShiVa3D 1.9 launches with its eagerly awaited new features in place: C and C++/Cocoa.Objective-C coding, the support for NVIDIA PhysX and F-Mod sounds library and other industry standard plug-ins, the Unified Authoring Tool and Mesh API. ShiVa3D 1.9 aims to give its developers all the tools necessary to create superb 3D games and apps easily and efficiently across desktop, mobile and browser platforms.

Some of the new features are long-awaited: the ability for point lights to cast dynamic shadows, parallax bump mapping, and physics compound bodies, for example. We’ve also added some optimisation features such as mesh level frustum culling, static occlusion culling, and even a Script to C++ translator. We also added more than 300 new scripting API functions and constants, and new packages for mesh and video capture device access.

Finally, we now provide what we call ‘ShiVa Device Development Tools’: using the new ShiVa3D Editor built-in web server, it is possible to connect your mobile device and use it as a controller, or choose to download your application directly on the device, bypassing the publishing process, and then accelerating your workflow.

ShiVa 1.8

November 16, 2009

- More than 150 new features, improvement and bugfixes
- More than 300 new api functions and constants
- Global workflow improved up to 300%
- Ocean manager
- DWF import
- Global resources auto-reload
- Create Win32 package without install
- Depth blur post render effect
- Distortion post render effect
- PixelMaps
- Fullscreen movies support
- Projectors
- Cascaded Shadow Maps
- Mouse edition for HUD placement
- Movies streaming
- Server in client
- New samples with ocean, networking and iPhone framework
- New optimisation options

ShiVa 1.7

March 10, 2009

- Live preview for Particles, Trails, Materials and HUDs
- Layer and camera management in SceneViewer
- Full light-mapping control: import, export and use provided uv2 for ShiVa lightmap computation

- New texture format for optimized streaming: DDZ
- Particle collision and rotation
- Fresnel-driven opacity and color ( backlight )
- Generalized effect intensity factor
- Scene merge ( ADVANCED only )
- Global GUI improvements (stability, usability and graphics)

ShiVa 1.6

July 1, 2008

New module: TerrainEditor
New module: AnimClipEditor
High level development: Collection of pre-built AIModels to create interactive content without having to write a single line of script
Wiimote support

ShiVa 1.5

July 4, 2007

--- Lightmap ---

- Blur control
- Clipping distance control
- Static ambient occlusion

--- Editor ---

- DataExplorer: Font editor dialog
- DataExplorer: File count count display
- AIModelEditor: Improved ergonomics
- AIModelEditor: Copy/paste variables
- SceneViewer: HUD improvements
- AnimClipEditor version 1
- Customizable desktop layouts

--- Import ---

- Overwrite dialog
- Hierarchy support
- Speed improvements
- Object animation support

--- Interface ---

- New roll-ups
- New icons
- Texture preview improvement

--- Scripting ---

- AlphaRef can now be overridden
- Read-only file access functions
- Mouse wheel support
- Tab key input handling
- No more warnings when loading a file from the cache
- Override render maps, texture clips, movie clips from Script
- scene.getObjectTag
- hud.setEditSecure, for password entries
- hud.playMovie, hud.stopMovie, hud.pauseMovie
- string.crc32, string.md5
- New keyboard keys handled

--- Misc ---

- Gamepad support under Mac OS X
- Corrected Cone texture coords generation
- 3D Spatialized sound
- NAVMesh multi level
- Sensor Box
- Movie rendering into materials
- HUD rendering into render maps
- Skin support improvements
- Direct3D Renderer version 1
- Win32 installer export

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