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ShiVa Basics: Lighting The Cornell Box

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Static Light Setup

Material Preparation

Configure your workspace as shown below:


Open all materials used in the scene, use the fastfilter + Right Click Open Selection.
You can copy the diffuse color chanel by drag'n'dropping it on the ambient color channel, then reduce the luminosity to 20.
If you have an Advanced, Use Edit Batch Processing to tick Receive Static Lighting > Lightmap for all the materials in one click. If you don't, do the same for all the materials of the scene one by one.


Just use perVertex Static Lighting for the sphere material, because it has a lot of polygons.


Close > save all.

Rendering Configuration

Add a point-type light at the center of the ceiling.
In the DataExplorer, Create > model > light >point
Increase its range by redimensioning it to make it fill the box.


Computing the Lightmaps

In the AmbienceEditor, select lightmap, direct lighting only with a resolution of 8 lumels and without compression.
Quantize Geometry and Compute Ambient occlusion with a Quality of 10.

Launch the computing by clicking All.


Increase the lightmap resolution to 32 and blur the result.


There is some artefact due to AO Quality, increase to 100.


Select the vertex color method to compute the sphere's lightmap.


Everything is right except for the sphere since it does not contain enough tris to use vertex color.

The number of lumels allows to define the lightmap's resolution/quality.
32 lumels are being used per world unit i.e. a map of 256x256 for the box.

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