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Download the free ShiVa3D Suite and start creating 3d games and application on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iPhone, iPad, PlayBook, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Palm and Wii.

download ShiVa editor PLE

ShiVa3D Web Edition The free version...

Free, non time-limited and without watermark! Publish your game online with the ShiVa3D Web Edition!

Included : ShiVa Editor, ShiVa Authoring Tool, ShiVa Mobile Development Tools, ShiVa Server PLE and ShiVa Players.

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ShiVa3D Authoring Tool

The ShiVa Authoring Tool allows you to compile sources generated by the Editor for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, BlackBerry QNX and Palm.

We have a single license, royalty free structure that saves developers from buying a license per platform and paying a percentage of the game's revenue.

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Download the Authoring Tool for Windows
Download the Authoring Tool for Mac OS
download ShiVa Authoring Tool

Wii, Sony PSP Engine

ShiVa3D Console Engine

ShiVa 3D game development technologies allow Wii™, PS3, XBox360, PSP and PS Vita developers to create any genre of game in a fraction of the time.

To request your engine, you must have a valid Developer status, you will then receive an add-on for the Authoring Tool.

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ShiVa3D Players

The ShiVa3D Players allow to run directly sources generated by the Editor in a Web Browser (Web 3D) or as standalone on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

For the web players, please, first upgrade to the latest version of your browser, then download the web player.

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download ShiVa Web 3D Players

Device development tools

Device Development Tools

Always looking to provide new features and tools to reduce the development time on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Palm, you can download :

- Device Input Simulator, it will communicate directly with the ShiVa Editor and simulate the device input.
- Device Application Loader allow to load directly an application (stk) from a local or online url.

Need more downloads ?

Visit our developer website to download the ShiVa Tools for 3dsMax, tools designed to make the workflow seamless from 3dsMax to ShiVa.

Download samples and materials for ShiVa Editor, Technical demo sources code, Tutorials, HUD resources, books...

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