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ShiVa3D 1.9.2
The next version of the engine and the editor have now been released!
Current licensees can download the upgrade for free.

New Features


  • over 130 new API functions and constants
  • collider script API now available to developers
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, 3D LUT based Color Grading
  • Gamma Correction
  • Improved SVN support
  • Oculus Rift stereoscopic rendering support
  • negative lights
  • texture sprite sheet management
  • custom forces on particles and point attractor fields
  • Linux 64bit support, Windows DirectX 11 Engine
  • updates to all our current engines for increased performance and to confirm with new tools, OS versions, and store policies
ShiVa Editor
ShiVa Engine
  • Mobiles
    • iOS (iPhone / iPad)
    • Android
    • BlackBerry QNX
    • HP WebOS
    • Bada
    • Symbian
    • Marmalade
    • NEW Windows Phone 7.5
    • NEW Windows Phone 8 and RT
  • Online Web Player Browser Plugin (for FREE with ShiVa Web Edition)
  • NEW Free Adobe Flash 11 exporter in our WEB edition
  • Windows, Mac and Linux applications, NEW now in 64 bit
  • Wii, XBox 360, PS3, PSP, Vita
ShiVa Authoring Tool

Palm, Android, Wii 3D Engine

Develop Once, Publish Everywhere

With our single license, royalty free structure that saves developers from buying a license per platform and paying a percentage of the revenue from the game

More information

Learn how to create a game with ShiVa 3D !

Unified Authoring Tool

One tool to compile a project generated by the ShiVa Editor into an executable application for all the supported devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Flash, NaCl, Windows Phone, XBox 360, PS3, Wii...

Learn how to build an iPhone app, a Windows installer, etc...

Unified authoring tool


Engine Plug-ins & Extensions

Plug-ins allow developers to extends engine capabilities by including add-on like PhysX physics engine, Fmod sounds library, ARToolkit.

More information

Learn how to use procedural textures, augmented reality, html rendering, 3d spacialized sounds, dynamic clothing, how to create your own dll, etc...

Native C++ Compilation

Write your game directly in C++ or use the built-in Lua to C++ converter to improve greatly script performance.

More information

Discover how a Fibonacci suite level 20 can runs at 60fps on a Palm and 10 fps on a Mac in Lua, how to convert your project,etc..
Native C++ compilation

Real-time clothing

Mesh Modification API

Mesh structure can be altered by both Lua and C++ code (plug-ins) to allow mesh deformation with position, normal and texture coordinate modification in real-time.

Technical demo

Learn how to create a clothing system using a plug-in. You can also integrate NVidia PhysX Cloth plug-in as well.

Free ShiVa Editor WEB Export

Our free Editor version now has the ability to export a runtime package for testing purposes.

The exported package is the same as the one exported from the Unlimited/Advanced version but with a full screen watermark and limited in term of execution time.
NEW in 1.9.2 The Free version of ShiVa will ship with the full Flash 11 engine, we will enforce no watermark. ShiVa WEB will stay true to its name and include all web engines for free, for everyone to download and experience the fantastic world of game development with ShiVa!
ShiVa Editor PLE Export

Compound Dynamic Body

Compound Dynamic Body

Create complex physics object compound of multiple spheres, boxes and capsules.

Technical demo

Learn how to create a complex physics object.

Point Lights Shadows

Point lights as well as directional lights can cast unlimited shadows.
The cascaded shadowing system use the screen space blur, the PCF function and the normal attenuation to display neat shadows.

Learn how to create a dynamic lightning and makes lights casting multiples shadows.
Point lights shadows

Device Input Simulator

Device Input Simulator

Always looking to provide new features and tools to reduce the development time, ShiVa Editor 1.9 is now available with a Device Input Simulator Application that can be installed on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Palm.

The application will communicate directly with the ShiVa Editor and simulate the input. Depending on the device you will receive the accelerometer, GPS, Compass and Multi-touch.

Download | Documentation

Device Application Loader

The Device Application Loader allows loading directly an application from an URL.
The main interest is to load an application from a local network so the loading time is quasi null.

This application allows developing on Windows without the need of a Mac to push the application each time a new version is available. The application saves all the loaded pack in a history, so it will take only few seconds to load a pack exported from the Editor.

Download | Documentation
Device Application Loader


Release notes