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ShiVa Server

ShiVa Server is the perfect solution for multi-user applications. With anything from two to thousands of users per server, ShiVa Server makes it possible to create MMOs. The latest version includes VOIP, enabling your users speak to each other as much as you want.
ShiVa Server is available for Windows and Linux (FreeBSD, Ubuntu)

ShiVa Server features

Robust communication layer with broadcast messages
Unlimited number of connections, Voice over IP VoIP
Available for Windows and Linux.

Server edition

PLE edition | Download
Allows you to test and prototype your network applications.
Technical restrictions: Only works with ShiVa.

Unlimited edition | Buy Now
Better suited to mid-range applications from a network point of view.
Technical restrictions: one application per server.

Advanced edition | Buy Now
S3D Server Advanced is the ideal large application collaboration tool.
Unlimited applications per server, web-based remote administrative tools and statistics.